Statement to Media Outlets:
Date of Event West Torrens Cricket Club: Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:35AM


In response to a social media frenzy that has taken the scorecard from our Women's 2nd Grade match yesterday the club would like to provide a bit of context. Firstly, we congratulate Glenelg District Cricket Club on a great fightback to force a tie.

However in the rush to get clicks, several media outlets including The Roar and FOX Sports Australia decided to make some posts that have been quite distressing to our young team.

It should be noted that:
1. Our 2nd Grade Eagles have an average age of about 14
2. We have at least 2 x 11 year olds in that team
3. This was our 2nd XI vs Glenelg's 1st XI.
4. Many of players are in their 1st or 2nd year of competitive cricket.

It is time that the media took a bit more responsibility for getting some facts before ridiculing teams publicly - the same happened to our neighbours Port Adelaide Cricket Club when they conceded a record amount of runs with only 8-9 players on the field earlier this season. The public attention brought about by the viral sharing of our scorecard has caused many of our young female cricketers distress. I hope other media outlets might consider the consequences of making a big deal of this situation to a group of very young women who are just trying to learn and enjoy the great sport of cricket.

To our Claridge Construction "Young Sheagles", we are extremely proud of the way you represent our club, you play with great passion and epitomise the Spirit of Cricket. We know this experience will only make you stronger in the future.

Please contact me at for any queries.

Scott Jones


Last updated: Tuesday February 12, 2019 10:08AM
Author: Scott Jones